Hello everyone. Here's the page(s) for the new campaign. Feel free to read as little or as much as you'd like. The only caveat is that when you are making your character concept the more you know about the world, the more nuanced a character you'll be able to make.

Core Concept

Centuries ago the Katoan Empire spanned the entire continent of Wanoa. At their peak they encountered a cult whose god struck the Empire with a terrible curse. Nearly overnight the Imperial capital of Morae-Na vanished. Any settlement where there were more than a score of Katoans living was struck with a terrible curse. A warping of the mind and body would afflict anyone who spent more than a handful of minutes in a cursed settlement. Even items carried out, or sometimes looted from these settlements brought madness and eventual death on their owners.

Panics rolled across the former Empire like waves, great purges of those suspected of having come into contact with the curse were carried out, in many places the remaining Katoans were immediately suspect and often killed by mobs fearful of the disease they might carry.

Over many years superstitions developed around the Katoans, and even non-cursed sites were avoided, items that looked too reminiscent of their culture were discarded or destroyed. Memories of the Empire that had once spanned the known world faded and became myths.

This is until little over a year ago when the mages guild of Parra created a breakthrough in magical protections that allowed a small group of intrepid adventurers to break the curse on a site near Parra and bring out riches enough for each and every one of them to retire in fabulous wealth.

Since then the secrets to breaking and surviving the curse has spread, and with it a desire to explore these cursed places. You are part of a group that wishes to dare breaking the curse and searching for what might be found in these ruins. You and your ilk, dubbed curse breakers, or just breakers by the common folk, may spark a new renaissance, or perhaps you'll be incautious and unleash a new curse upon the world.  


As you work on your character think about the answers to the following:

Why do you want to be a breaker?

Possible motivations by Class

Where are you from?

The Town of Krasik

The World of Wanoa

History of Wanoa

Who are your people?

Tribes, groups, and Organizations

House Rules







Fallen Empires

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